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The founder of GGT could never find the right lube for his AR-style rifles.  The excellent catalog from Midway USA has 61 different types of firearms lubricants.  SIXTY-ONE.  Most of them are pretty good, obviously.  But there were some things missing.

1. The AR almost requires two conventional lubes, one that is thinner like oil for things like the rings, and another that is THICKER so it will stay in place, like on the rails of the carrier.

2. Most of the liquid oils are too thin to stay in place on the rails, for instance.

3. Liquid oils tend to gum up.  The AR is a Direct Gas Impingement design, and that blows the products of the burning powder BACK into the bolt carrier and bolt.  Mix that with oil, and you get mud.

4. Some of the liquid oils seem to evaporate.  That includes that "three letter" brand and others.

5. Few products even claim any RESIDUAL effect.  That means to provide some effect on the actual metal, so when the oil is not physically present, some remaining friction reducing quality remains.  Those that do, seem deficient in other qualities.

So the goals were set...

A. The ideal lube would be thick and viscous, so it could be used in places you would want a grease, but flow and penetrate like a liquid oil.  STAY IN PLACE...

B. High viscosity will assist in SUSPENDING particulates, so it mill not mud up.

C. Full synthetic base oil will prevent evaporation and breakdown in the harsh climate in a rifle.

D. Adding a METAL-PENETRATING-LUBRICANT works at a molecular level to smooth the metal surfaces.  This means that you retain lubrication even if you wipe off the visible oil.


BoltLube™ is a precise formula of full synthetic base oil mixed with the finest metal-penetrating-lubricant available for your AR15, M16, M4, or other complex rifle, driven by gas or piston.

BoltLube Application

So we found the absolute BEST full synthetic oil that is already validated according to the SAE standards to be stable, viscous, and near impossible to breakdown.  Our base oil is a premium, full synthetic, rated at SAE 20-W50 and certified for use in applications requiring oil meeting API SJ, CF, and JASO-MA standards.

Then we identified the only validated, commercial, industry-approved Metal Penetrating Lubricant that works at a molecular level.  This ain't Teflon, or Graphite, or anything like that.  This is a chemical blend that is ABSORBED by STEEL at the molecular level.  The metal-penetrating-lubricant treats the metal, not the oil.  As a pure lubricant, the rating of the base oil in which it is mixed does not change.  THIS is THE stuff.

BoltLube™, the full synthetic oil for rifles - with added METAL LUBRICANT that penetrates steel.

Specially formulated for M16, M4, AR15, AR10, LR308, SR25, and all full/semi automatic rifle bolts.