There is no magic solution for accuracy.  A really expensive rifle, hand-loaded ammo, practice and more practice until you are knee-high in brass.  There are no shortcuts.

Thankfully, some crazy guy named Alan Adolphsen did not believe that.  From their site:

"The StraightJacket™ Barrel System dramatically improves accuracy, eliminates heat buildup that changes your zero.  The barrel system is extremely robust and can withstand the harshest treatment without damage; your rifle will shoot accurately the first time and every time.  The StraightJacket™ Barrel System Muzzle Brake dramatically reduces recoil on all rifles, so you can shoot longer and more comfortably."

He studied the rifle barrel and was convinced that the floppy noodle barrel harmonics were almost totally responsible for the variable groups that we all suffer.  Sure, we all suspect that the barrel has movement as the bullet passes.  We have seen the proof that shorter barrels shoot better, so long as they are long enough for all of the powder to burn, and to spin the bullet enough.  What Alan did was to study the barrel and devise a way to DAMPEN the movement of the barrel and make it stiff.

Some manufacturers have gone to REALLY hard steel to make a more rigid barrel.  Some have used such hard steel that they can only drill one barrel per bit.  And they still flap like the Gadsden flag in a breeze.  The invisible world of barrel flap is hidden from the human eye.  Alan posted some great high speed video that shows the bullet leaving the barrel at all different phases of the flapping.  Resulting in poor accuracy.

Alan slipped a tube around the barrel and filled it with special media to secure it.  The media also moves the heat away from the barrel like a ginormous heat sink.  So not only did the barrel get stiff, but the temperature was stabilized so ... amazing accuracy.

StraightJacket accuracy

After shooting a .300 Magnum with the StraightJacket, we put our money where our mouthes are and got a Savage Model 11 in .308 with Accu-Trigger to test.  Retail is about $675.  The folks at TTI shortened the barrel 2" to 20" to make it more rigid and weigh less to offset the one pund or so of the StraightJacket.

This is certainly a great shooting hunter's rifle right out of the box.  We broke in the barrel a bit, and it was shooting about 1MOA.  This was within the first 30 rounds.  Then the rifle is skipped over to South Carolina for a StraightJacket.  With the chop, they fit the StraightJacket, recut the stock to fit it perfectly, and provided a great compensator.

The RESULTS:  The rifle barely seems heavier than originally.  The recoil seems about 20% less, and that is a lot, considering it is just a 308 caliber.  And it shoots between 1/2 and 1 MOA all day long.  Even when we churn through a box of 20 as fast as the range allows, the group does not spread.  THE GROUPS DO NOT SPREAD as the rifle heats up.  In fact, the rifle does not heat up...

We expect to see cold-bore shots that are in the group, barrel temperatures cool enough to touch after dozens of rounds, and accuracy to amaze...

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