StraightJacket Hunting Rifle


The StraightJacket Barrel system drastically improves accuracy, eliminates barrel harmonics, and dissipates heat so quickly that every shot is a cold bore shot.

The StraightJacket Barrel System utilizes a patented process to improve accuracy, dissipate heat, and eliminates barrel harmonics for any rifle shooter. With the StraightJacket barrel system custom fitted on the rifle, the barrel is "locked in". This eliminates barrel harmonics or whip. The elimination of barrel harmonics improves accuracy by forcing the bullet to perform the same each time a round is fired. The gain in accuracy on all rifles new, used and antique, fitted with the StraightJacket has been amazing!

In our testing most rifles exhibited an increase in accuracy of well over 70%! The impressive aspect of this statistic is that all testing was done with factory and surplus ammunition. The amazing consistency possible with the StraightJacket Barrel System drastically increases shooter confidence. From the first shot to the last, you can count on your rifle. You get to choose how many shots you're going to fire, without your rifle demanding a "time out" This process gives your rifle full bull barrel strength and performance without the weight or heat build-up.


The TTI StraightJacket Barrel System utilizes your original rifle barrel. This is surrounded with Teludyne Tech's patented material process. The material absorbs the heat from the rifle barrel and spreads this quickly throughout the length of the barrel. The heat is immediately dissipated which effectively makes each shot a cold bore shot. This allows the shooter to put more rounds down range without having to let the barrel cool down. The ambient temperature in no way affects the performance of the StraightJacket Barrel System. Rifles fitted with the StraightJacket Barrel System have shown consistent performance in temperatures from -15 degrees farenheit to 95 degrees farenheit.


Teludyne Tech Industries patented Muzzle Brake drastically reduces felt recoil. The reduction in recoil allows more rounds to be fired comfortably in the large magnums. Combining the consistent accuracy with the heat and recoild reduction of the StraightJacket Barrel System can truly benefit the shooter both at the range and in your budget. The StraightJacket System costs less than half the price of all other barrels installed.


Whether you are a hunter, a long range shooter or a law enforcement professional the StraightJacket Barrel System will improve your weapon, your confidence , and make you a more successful shooter.

Will this work on your rifle?... Yes

TTI has developed models for all forms of bolt action rifles and is in the process of development for many popular gas operated rifles like the AR series. In fact, many old worn out rifles can be brought back from uselessness with this barrel system. In our testing many rifles stated to be "shot out" have been used to out shoot new rifles without the StraightJacket.

The inventor... Alan Adolphsen is a USCG, US Army veteran and is an NRA service rifle expert and NRA midrange rifle master with 25 years of experience building and shooting rifles.

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