GGT is exclusively a training organization.  But occasionally, we learn of an advance that is so remarkable, we just gotta talk about it.  The patented StraightJacket barrel system from TTI in South Carolina is the most impressive advance in shooting I have ever experienced.  My buddy, Del, had a 300 Magnum rifle done because he could not get it to shoot well.  He is an accomplished reloader, and in spite of his best efforts, the groups never impressed.  After the StraightJacket, they shrunk literally 60%.  And, the considerable recoil was tamed to the level of a .308.  VERY IMPRESSIVE.


Georgia Gun Training, LLC, Instructors and Range Safety Officers offer NRA-certified training, as well as independent courses.  Our NRA training is provided by NRA-Certified Instructors.

The National Rifle Association® (NRA®) is the world authority on firearms training, developing safe, responsible, and accurate shooters with a network of over 65,000 instructors...

We are ready to train:

Cub/Boy Scouts, Explorers
New firearm owners
Competition shooters
Girls and Women
Experienced shooters
Home Defense
Personal Protection
Black powder
Muzzle loaders


We teach two kinds of courses:

NRA Certified - where the material is provided by the NRA and successful completion results in a formal certificate from them

GGT Courses - developed by us and resulting in a certificate from GGT

For instance, the new AR15 course is GGT-developed.  Since the NRA courses are generalized and comprehensive, we have the flexibility to design course materials that are specific to focused topics.  We also are glad to address individual needs - just ask.